Detailed listing of services we provide

Building new furniture items to match any functionality and design:

We have a wide experience in creating custom furniture for both indoor and outdoor environments. For instance, we can use specialized software to design your new piece.

We are also highly skilled in cabinet making with a certification from Tafe Queensland; if required, we also provide joinery as a woodwork service.

In addition, we can approach modern or classic designs and undertake big or small projects.

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Bringing back to life vintage pieces:

“Antique New Furniture and Carpentry” takes pride in offering restorations, repairs and refinishing of old or vintage pieces of furniture. To enhance the value of the piece, we can polish the piece using the popular French style, and add gliding for the final touch.

If your piece of furniture has missing parts, we can fully reproduce them to create a complete and valuable item.

Moreover, we can fully restore wooden frames and make them ready for upholstery.

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Wood work to support constructions and renovations:

A new project or a renovation that involves building of decks, stairs and roofs? We can fully help you bring your new construction project to completion in a very efficient manner. Further, we can also perform plastering work.

Likewise, we can provide carpentry work for windows and doors, including installation.

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