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Paolo's Story
About Paolo's apprenticeship in carpentry and performing antique restorations

When you first meet Paolo, you can notice his friendly character as well as his Italian accent. This is because he represents the third generation of wood artisans, as both his father and grandfather were carpenters back in Tuscany, Italy.

That’s where Paolo was born, and that’s where he started his apprenticeship in carpentry. His initial training included restoring antique furniture for churches and museums in the area of Florence, Italy.

“Many clients ask me how can I approach projects in so many wood work and carpentry areas”. Paolo explains: “That’s because in Italy my apprenticeship required doing carpentry work in all areas, straight from day 1 of my training. Training there is hands-on practice working on diverse projects, growing in skill and further being able to tackle more complex work.”

360° Skills and Experience
Widening his skills and gaining more experience

After his apprenticeship, Paolo continued to expand his woodwork skills spending over 15 years creating new furniture for luxury yachts. At the same time, he continued to restore vintage pieces of furniture, discovering a great passion.

Paolo recognizes the value of this work: “Building furniture for yachts is similar to doing all the carpentry work for a new house. It involves creating wooden items from scratch to finish, items that must fit into very narrow spaces, and having various dimensions.”

As a consequence, this line of work allowed Paolo to gain extensive experience in designing and creating both indoor and outdoor furniture, custom made to suit any design.

In 2013 he moved with his family to Queensland, Australia. Here, he got certified in Carpentry and Cabinet Making with Tafe Queensland and started his own business “Antique, New Furniture and Carpentry”.


“Paolo, what does your work mean to you? Yes, you have a family to take care of, and a business to run, but what is this work for you?”

He lights up and knows exactly what to answer:

“It’s creativity. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated to build with my own hands and to create from wood. It’s in my blood.”

Paolo is offering a complete set of services to clients located in the Brisbane area, including:

  • Antique furniture restorations
  • French polishing, gliding
  • Furniture repairs and refinishing
  • Designing and creating custom new furniture
  • Cabinet making, joinery
  • Carpentry and building, roofing
  • Renovation projects
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